Cassandra Danielle Bretl (2018 Winner)

Cassandra Bretl hedshot

Cassandra Danielle Bretl, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has been named the third recipient of the Don Walker Memorial Scholarship.

Bretl is from Rockford, Ill., and has worked at UWM Post and Media Milwaukee throughout college.

She expects to graduate in spring 2019 with a degree in Journalism, Advertising and Media Studies. A multimedia journalist, Bretl also is proficient in American Sign Language.

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Sophie Bolich (2017 Winner)

Sophie Bolich

Sophie Bolich, a sophomore at Marquette University, was selected to receive the Don Walker Memorial Scholarship for use during the 2017-2018 school year. Bolich is a journalism major and a member of the cross country team.

“What drew me to journalism was the chance to provide a voice for those who tend to be overlooked,” Bolich said.

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Jakayla Phillips (2016 Winner)


Jakayla Phillips was the first student to receive the Don Walker Memorial Scholarship. She received a $2,000 scholarship for use during the 2016-2017 academic year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“For some people, journalistic writing may just be a hobby or a way to report current events,” Phillips said. “However, for me, it is more than a hobby; writing is my life.”

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