Aimee Galaszewski, a junior at Marquette University, has been chosen as the sixth Don Walker scholar for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Galaszewski, of Greenfield, is general manager of MUTV. She is seeking a double major in journalism and digital media.

Marquette officials who selected her to receive the scholarship said she is interested in sports journalism but also excels at news, is a fantastic leader, good writer and kind — all traits of Don Walker.

When Galaszewski begins her senior year at Marquette University in fall 2021, she will have a new title.

Galaszewski has been promoted to executive director of the Marquette Wire, which means she will oversee the MUTV, the Marquette Tribune, the Marquette Journal and MU Radio.

In her previous role as general manager of MUTV, she led the MUTV news, sports, arts and entertainment, and production departments. 

“I would mentor our team in producing content that is diverse, engaging and factually correct,” she said. “I made it my goal to cultivate an inclusive and collaborative environment on our staff, and I’m proud to say that I achieved this goal.”

Now as executive director, she said, she hopes to leave a legacy at the Marquette Wire, challenging each branch to collaborate and produce great content. 

“I want to come back in 20 years and say, ‘We did that during my senior year,’” she said.

Galaszewski, a 2018 graduate of Milwaukee Pius XI Catholic High School, is working toward a double major in journalism and digital media. She recently answered questions from the Don Walker Memorial Scholarship Committee on receiving the $3,000 scholarship and her goals for her senior year.

Q. Did you write for the student newspaper or another student publication or do any audio or video work while in high school?

A. In high school, I did some sports writing for our school newspaper, The Scope. I spent most of my time playing soccer and tennis, in addition to holding leadership positions in various clubs.

Q. When did you get interested in journalism?

A. The moment that I fell in love with journalism was a complete accident. As an eager sixth grader, I signed up for the forensics team, a public speaking competition. Every category in the competition was filled except news reporting. I didn’t realize that scribbling my name with hesitancy would lead me to finding my true passion. The thrill of storytelling, interviewing and crafting ledes were experiences like no other. From there, I devoted my career path to the field of journalism.

Q. What grabbed your interest in broadcast journalism?

A. After finding success in forensics, I was drawn to pursuing broadcasting. I began to study the mannerisms, voice inflection and broadcast writing of my favorite on-camera personalities in Milwaukee. I would turn on the local news every morning before I went to school, with a bowl of cereal and glass of milk in hand. The more I watched, the more I became fascinated with the craft. 

Q. What interests do you have outside of school? Any hobbies?

A. Outside of school, I love playing tennis, shopping and spending time with my springer spaniel. If I’m not doing one of those activities, you’ll find my eyes glued to the television screen watching the Green Bay Packers. My family bleeds green and gold–my brother was even named after Brett Favre!

Q. After you graduate, what would be your ideal job and why?

A. Whenever someone asks me about my dream job, I struggle to answer. I’ve had so many incredible opportunities through student media at Marquette, so it’s difficult to limit myself to just one path. I see myself as a sports producer at a television station post-grad. I’m also open to opportunities in news and entertainment. All I know is that I love creating content, and I never want to stop telling those stories that are often left untold.